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With the flood of Xbox 360 information coming out today, here are a few of the rumored technical features it does not have:

  • HD DVD support - It looks DVD is going to have to hold you. [Update: Brian@Kotaku swears Microsoft told him it will support HD DVD, but he also eats paste.]
  • iPod-like MP3 hard drive - The unit can be removed to take with you, but does not function as a standalone MP3 player
  • Media Center PC functions - While it will serve as a Media Center extender out of the box, it will not record shows or have a TV tuner.
  • DVD Burner - This seemed like a long-shot, but some people were convinced.
  • Wireless-only controllers - The default mode of operation is wireless (and that's good), the controllers can be plugged in to USB slots to deal with charging and low-power.
  • A proper logo font - In fact, the typeface being used for the logo looks awful, especially embossed on the tray door.
  • Backwards compatibility - It is possible that the Xbox 360 can play regular Xbox games, but nothing has been said for sure.