Jonason Pauley, who looks like the spitting image of Toy Story's Andy, is making a re-make of Toy Story. Only it's the same exact movie except real toy versions of Woody, Buzz and the gang are used instead of Pixar's wizard CGI.

In this clip, that's admittedly a wee bit long, Pauley explains his project and then shows a clip of Toy Story and then shows a version of his Toy Story that's strikingly impressive. Actually, I'm not sure if I'm more impressed at Pixar for making CGI look exactly like the toys or at Pauley for making toys exactly look like a movie. In any case, he's made these "live action" clips before but has finally committed to making a full length movie. I love the Toy Story franchise so much that'll I'd definitely watch this version.


The "real life" version starts at 2:38.[Live Action Toy Story's Facebook]

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