What TV shows are you watching to take your mind off the election?

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Everybody has their faces glued to the sim box to learn more about the next ensoulment of our glorious Swarmprince, but I'm starting to get a little fatigued with hive politics. Where can I turn to get away from endless dissections of every phrase uttered during the US presidential debates, and what can I do to make all the animated gifs of Joe Biden stop?


OK, I'll tell you what I've been doing to wash the next president out of my brain. I've been watching Lost Girl. Yeah, you know the wondrously cheesy Canadian show about a bisexual succubus detective named Bo — and her streetwise human BFF Kenzie — who refuse to take sides in the ongoing cold war between the Light Fae and the Dark Fae? The show where Bo has sex with a hot werewolf boy one season, and a hot human doctor lady in the next? Then there are all the other creatures/people she has sex with to, you know, get her chi flowing or whatever. Also, there is a super hot dwarf king masquerading as a bartender. That's the show I mean.

Oh and if you want to know the difference between Light and Dark Fae, the show provides a helpful and very Canadian explanation. Both groups feed on humans, but Light Fae are like the First Nations groups who agree to hunt only a limited number of whales every season. So the Light Fae feed on humans — just less often than Dark Fae do. Also, the Dark Fae appear to own the same nightclub that all the vampires went to on Forever Knight.

Anyway, my point is that if you are tired of hearing people speculate about whether Romney has a five-point plan or a one-point plan, Lost Girl will surely take your mind off everything. Your mind will literally be empty. Except for wondering whether Bo and wolf boy will get back together, or what will happen when doctor lady's girlfriend awakens from her magical coma.

Now it's your turn. What do you recommend that people watch if they want to peel US politics off the surfaces of their eyeballs?



I'm a poli sci major so I don't actually tire of politics in any long term sort of way: FiveThirtyEight is probably one of my most frequently visited websites alongside io9 and I'm a pretty frequent watcher of The Daily Show and reader of the NY Times. I'm also a volunteer this year for a local campaign.

I do occasionally enjoy the occasional break from it all, but I have no specific show I go to in order to cleanse my brain because... well, it doesn't really need cleansing.