When JJ Abrams re-envisioned Star Trek for the big screen, the classic sci-fi look of the show got a big revamp - including the U.S.S. Enterprise. But what would the first Enterprise seen in the Original Series look like in the shiny world of the JJverse? Nick Acosta whipped up some pictures to find out.

We've featured Nick's Star Trek work in the past, but this series of images certainly stands out as some of his best Trek stuff. To celebrate the original model from the show being restored to its original glory, Nick took several shots as the model appears today at the Smithsonian, and then composited it into shots from across the Star Trek film series, right up to Star Trek XI and Into Darkness.

Whether it's in the classic effects of Wrath of Khan and The Motion Picture, or the modern CG of the JJ films, Nick has shown that the original ship from the TV show can still look amazing. 1960's design looking slick and fabulous in 21st century CG. Marvellous!

Not satisfied with all that glorious spaceship porn? Here's a few gifs of Nick's process behind creating the beautiful images that he posted on Tumblr. Find more of those here, and check out Nick's website for even more art of the Enterprise in action.

[via Nerdist]

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