What's Basically the Most Adorable Children's Gift I Can Imagine

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Here's the idea: your child scribbles an animal on Shidonni's website, they hand-sew a corresponding one-of-a-kind plush toy and mail it to you. Neat, right?

From the looks of this video, sweatshop laborers aren't stitching their fingers to your child's Christmas gift. Shidonni is just a small operation with a really good idea, actualizing a child's design into something they can hold.


I believe the cost is $85, and if you were interested in the gift for Christmas, you'd need to order by tomorrow, December 15th. No word on whether or not Shidonni will sew you one of the deadly tanks firing exploding ice cream cones that I drew as a kid. [Shiddoni]

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God help you if your kid can't help but draw copious amounts of penises.