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What's in Jack Bauer's Gear Closet?

Illustration for article titled Whats in Jack Bauers Gear Closet?

Jack Bauer is definitely a badass. No getting around that fact, but he actually uses a lot of gadgets and gear that can be purchased by any average joe. Everything from a Brunton Echo Pocket Scope Monocular, Motorola i880, military-style messenger bag and special ops watch can all be owned so you can attempt to emulate the greatness of Jack Bauer. Hit the link to get details on everything, including information where to buy it all.


Jack Bauer Gear [uncrate]

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A'hem, the watch specs on the link say: "It features an LED lightning system". Wow, that is too cool, a watch that shoots lightning out of LED's. What will they think of next?

Geisrud: While the 9mm round is faster, it does not come close to the take down power of a .45. That vest might stop the .45, but it would be sometime before you remembered to breath again, and breathing would hurt like hell for a few days. The 9mm would leave a little bruise.

I shoot both, love my Glock 19 (9mm), but my .45 will stop a bear.

Just my humble opinion.