What's the Best Digital TV Antenna?

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We've been testing a handful of indoor digital TV antennas over the past few weeks. So far, they're all complete disappointments. (You know it's a bad sign when you're going back to the ol' rabbit ears.)


But surely we're just making some poor choices in our antenna selection. What do you use? Are you happy with it?

At this point, anything that can steadily pick up NYC's basic broadcast networks would be crushing the competition. We plan to test these products in a Battlemodo, and we'd like your help suggesting the candidates.


Image credit: Pryzmat/Shutterstock.

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PLEASE EXCUSE my confusion..

but Iv never seen a DIGITAL antenna. I dont think there is SUCH A THING..

NOW, and digital RECEIVER, there is..

NOW, I would like to see an antenna that uses the fractal patterning in cellphones for TV reception..

The RULES for using an antenna are BASIC and simple..


Line of Sight

Booting power

Unless you have a TV tower in line of sight and 10 miles away(unless you have a Good booster) you will not get Quality or number of channels possible.