When it Gets Hot, Things Get Crucial in Romania

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I'm not saying Romania isn't a nice place, but come on, people, can we spring for a Haier or something? I'm sure they have the RomaniaRex Air Conidtioner/Pirate Nintendo Game Controller Combo down at the local bazaar. I realize you might be making the equivalent of 45 cents a day raking chickens for some rich expatriate, but buy something better than frozen Orangeade bottles and a fan.

Any Romanians in the house to translate this? [Thanks, Liviu]

Cel mai ieftin aer conditionat din lume [PCNews]

UPDATE- Mike clears things up after the jump:

A bit of background: It's been really really hot in Romania for the last few weeks, and electricity is very expensive. I'm actually surprised that these guys are advocating using a fan at all. The article is pretty ernest, and not sarcastic at all. For a lot of people, especially those on a (miniscule) pension, this may well be a lifesaver.



The title of the article is:

"The cheapest air conditioner in the world"

The body is roughly:

"These days it's really hot, I'm constantly thinking of the seaside and the pool. I don't know what I would have done without air conditioning. I got the attached photos from (email address) with the title 'the cheapest air conditioner in the world". We invite you to study the system, that we don't think has been patented... (therefore you can try it too).

The principles of its operation are simple: The fan creates an air flow which is cooled by contact with the 4 bottles full of ice. In this way, the temperature of the air flow is reduced to a more tolerable level. The more bottles the better... You must closely watch it unless you want a swimming pool on your carpet or floors.

And before I forget....If it actually works, send in photos of your experience, or other innovations of this nature."