When the Monk Caught a Sprite in the Kitchen

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It’s a folktale that’s been reworked and re-told for centuries. Disney’s making it into an animated film slated for next year (the live-action version is scheduled for two years after that). The monk, caught in a life of contemplation, hears a sound in the kitchen. Grabbing a spoon for protection, he encounters a magical sprite.

Or not. As is usual for the middle of the week, we’re doing another concept art writing prompt based on an image from British Library’s flickr account, loaded with public domain images. This one’s from “page 211 of ‘Jack Hinton ... With illustrations by Phiz.” A little reading of the book shows that Jack Hinton, The Guardsman is a more prosaic story than we’re giving this image. But that’s what “transformative” means, right?


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