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When To Watch This Year's Amazing Halley's Comet Meteor Shower

Illustration for article titled When To Watch This Years Amazing Halleys Comet Meteor Shower

Sunday morning you'll be able to see the Orionid meteor shower spawned from Halley's Comet a few hours before dawn. And it should be absolutely stunning.


The Orionids are one of the two Halley's Comet showers that happen every year. Eta Aquarids, the other one, usually peaks in early May. Sky watchers say that for the past six years, the Orionids have given the best show with as many as 60 meteors every hour. Get up early (or stay up late) for the beautiful spectacle, because, weather permitting, you'll see a shower of sparkly space matter falling out of the sky. Bonus: it's your best shot at a death cult since Hale-Bopp. []

Image by: Primoz Cigler/Shutterstock

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I remember standing in my Grandma's garden in 1986 and watching Haley's comet pass by. I remember her saying I'd be an old man when it next came through and that alone made me feel strange. I was 8.