Where Are Our Star Trek Communicator Cell Phones?

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Dear Thinkgeek: I admit, it's really, really cool that you're selling replica Star Trek communicators on your site and, yeah, it's kind of awesome that they have a "hailing function" and pre-recorded messages from characters from the show and all. But, seriously, people. Would it have been too hard to make this into a working cell-phone for the ultimate geekgasm?


The advertising copy for the communicator - cheap at just $29.99! - even underlines the missed opportunity:

Now you too can talk to the Enterprise no matter where you are. Just flip up the grill, and you'll be greeted with the lights and sounds you've come to know and love. But not content with mere beeps, the UFP has packed this replica with voice clips from the actual series. Delight as you hear Mr. Spock ask you if you want an armed party beamed down and thrill as you call the Enterprise and hear Bridge here, Captain. So equip yourself with the Communicator that futuristically prognosticated the invention of the cell phone, and get ready for a communication . . . from the stars.

You even say it "futuristically prognosticated" the cell phone! Would it have killed you to try and make it work as one? I mean, really?

Star Trek Classic Communicator [ThinkGeek]



There was actually a company called Sona Mobile that was supposed to release a Star trek Themed phone in time for the 40th Anniversary. Problem was that there really wasn't all that much demand for Star Trek around the time of its 40th, and the plans for the phone kinda went nowhere.

As I heard they were supposed to make the exterior look like a TOS communicator and the inside was supposed to be setup like a RAZR with Exclusive Ringtones, An LCARS Phone GUI, and a special Starfleet Ops game that could be played via the phone's EDGE connection.

They had a mailing list for awhile to keep fans poste on how things were developing, but about 3 months after the 40th came and went, Sona sent out e-mails saying that the product was cancelled. We never got a real picture of what a prototype/finished product was, but they had this very "Star Trek V" looking Communicator Graphic as a place holder.

Unfortunate that it never materialized (excuse the pun), a lot of trek fans would've ben chomping at the bit to pick one up I'm sure of it. In the mean time you can modify a Motorola RAZR phone with the right tools and parts here: [www.instructables.com] and you can get wallpaper for your iPhone here [digitaldesigns.us] . There are also modifications made to the Star Trek Communicator Garage Door Remote that coupled it with a bluetoth headset and essentially made it a functional communicator itself. They used to be found on eBay a lot, but are relatively scarce now and they were spendy (~$90.00).

Maybe for the 50th anniversary cell hone technology will have gotten to the point where we can have TNG Communicator Badges that work like the real thing.

Ah well, it's all in the marketing I guess.