Where Would You Like to Time Travel To?

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Time marches on in one direction at a steady rate, but today, we want to know where in time you would travel to if given the choice.


Would you go back into the past or move forwards into the future? Or maybe you're already living in exactly the right moment in history and would choose only to use your time machine to have a series of madcap (and ultimately paradoxical) adventures to stop the time machine from ever becoming invented.

Tell us in the comments just where in time you would direct your souped-up DeLorean to go. Pictures too, please.

Image: MR Shining / Shutterstock.



After i killed Hitler I'd want to time travel to the 1980s. The U.S. Economy didn't suck. There was the cold war, but it was cold not hot. The U.S. Government was led by one of the greatest presidents ever. Basically I'd want to go back to a time that wasn't the cesspool we're living in.