Whet Your Appetite For New Solo Footage With This...French Car Commercial?

Space trains!
Space trains!
Image: Disney/Lucasfilm

Yeah, that’s right, apparently.

The commercial, for the Reanault Kadjar, so far as this English-native speaker can tell, has a neat tie-in for the upcoming Star Wars anthology film. It features what appears to be a chunk of a rumored setpiece for the film, featuring snapshots of a high-flying train heist (speeder train? tra?), a roaring Chewie, and some rad speeder bikes.


While none of this footage is from the movie, the spectacle is, at least, a lot of fun, and it feels like a taste of what could be in store. Rumor has it that a new Solo trailer will be dropping tonight, but if you can’t wait that long, well, French advertising has you covered.


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Hey, it worked for Moebius.