Which Gadgets Should You Ditch, and Which Should You Keep?

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The NY Times has a great (read: fun!) little piece up, detailing which of your gadgets you should toss out the window, and which to keep forevermore. Unkindly spelling the death of compact cameras, sat-navs, USB sticks and more, they're more hopeful that books, alarm clocks and broadband should be kept. Do you agree/disagree with what they preach? [NY Times]


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Disagree on the point-and-shoot camera and the USB drive.

Their suggestion that a point-and-shoot camera's photos are not that much better than a smartphone's photos is ridiculous. I rely heavily on my phone's camera just because it's the one that I most commonly have with me, but there's absolutely no question that the pictures it takes look like hot garbage compared to the ones that I snap with my standalone camera. Would you really want to list an item for sale on ebay with grainy smartphone pictures? Sometimes clarity is important. The best solution here is to have both, because the smartphone is convenient but there are many scenarios for which it is totally inappropriate.

For the USB drives, I can't use personal backup sites as a replacement because they're all blocked at work, and getting things to/from my work computer is what I most commonly use USB drives for in the first place.