Which Is Worse: Microsoft Office 2007's Ribbon or Adobe CS4's Tabs?

Illustration for article titled Which Is Worse: Microsoft Office 2007s Ribbon or Adobe CS4s Tabs?

Which do you hate most, the dumbstastic Adobe Creative Suite 4 tabbed interface or the flabbymoronic Microsoft Office 2007's ribbon? Ready. Set. Fight!

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Let me get this straight. I am not a Microsoft hater, nor a "fanboy" (how I hate that facking term), but I detest the ribbon interface. I also have all of my computers set to "classic" view in XP and Vista, and in Vista, I have all the redonkulous eye candy features turned off. Just because they wanted to add useless and bloated features doesn't mean I want to use them. Just give me the straight-up Control Panel, Start Menu bar and Windows Explorer setup, and I'm a happy guy. I don't need eye candy, it just gets in the way of actually getting work done.