Whirlpool Body Box-Weirdest Cleaning Device Ever

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Um, this may be a really futuristic design, but I'm a little freaked with the Whirlpool BodyBox. And it's not just the name, though that does help considerably. Labeled as a piece of "technological furniture," this unit has a couple of functions. First, it cleans, collects, sorts, conditions, tumbles, and steams your clothes (for all things gentle, in case you've got some silk underoos lying around). The sorting is done by an odd tagging and logging system, which puts each item into a different bin, then analyzes the fabric and care data stored in the label to see how it should be washed. There's an 18-inch touch-screen panel and all data can be input through this or remotely though a home network. The system also self-updates through the Internet.

The second part of this gorgeous monstrosity is actually body care. So once you've done your laundry, just step right into the adjacent shower/steam bath or use the sink to wash-up. Like I said...freaky but ingenious, right?

Body Box An Automated Washing Machine with the Luxury of Bathroom [Bornrich]


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