White Pearl Cellphone: Affordable Pseudo-Luxury

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Who could forget the Black Diamond cellphone from last March, only to be reborn as the Windows Mobile Black Diamond a few days ago? More importantly, who can forget the steep $300,000 price tag? Well, the Black Diamond's designer has gone back to the drawing boards and come up with the more affordable White Pearl. Priced at the slightly more sane $1,500, the White Pearl looks suspiciously similar to the Black Diamond, only not made of dark matter.


The White Pearl will actually go into production and will feature, among other things, Wi-Fi, a 2-inch touch screen and a four-megapixel camera. It'll run on Windows Mobile 5 with a 400MHz Intel processor.

If everything goes as planned, the $1,500 White Pearl should be available in early 2007.

Esato Exclusive: White Pearl [Esato via I4U News]

Designer Home Page [Jaren Goh Design]


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