Whitney Museum Earnestly Proclaims "KOONS IS GREAT FOR SELFIES"

Illustration for article titled Whitney Museum Earnestly Proclaims KOONS IS GREAT FOR SELFIES

The Whitney Museum just closed out one of the most influential selfie backdrops of the past three decades. Er, I mean the Whitney just closed out its Jeff Koons retrospective, an exhibit where it encouraged #teens to post #selifes with #balloondogs. Cool.


Forget for a minute that Jeff Koons is one of the most successful and controversial artists of the last three decades. Forget opinions. Forget criticism. Forget art. F it all. This shit is made for selfies. Just ask 2 Chainz. [h/t @aaronkrach]

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Fail. That is not a selfie, that is a picture someone else took. It's an elsie.