Who Does Elon Musk Play as in Overwatch? [Now We Know]

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Elon Musk, our beloved spaceboy, sat down yesterday with Y Combinator’s Sam Altman to talk about, well, a whole bunch of stuff: Colonizing new planets, productivity, artificial intelligence. Stuff we generally associate with Musk and his business ventures.


But in one of these video clips Altman asks for recommendations on video games and Musk, without hesitation, replies: Overwatch.

Is it all that surprising that the future President of Mars loves the same game that nearly everyone has been lavishing with praise—and rightly so—since its launch in May? Not really, but it got us thinking: who would Musk main? So we asked!

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More than likely the SpaceX CEO deeply regrets choosing Gizmodo as one of the 38 accounts he follows, but it allowed us to DM the entrepreneur and find out which futuristic cartoon hero he uses to maim/kill other cartoons in what we imagine is his very limited free time. “It’s too embarrassing :)” he replied, adding a non-emoji smiley to deflect from the obvious: Elon Musk mains Bastion.

We reached out again to Musk to see if he’ll divulge further information, but really, what other reason could he possibly have for feeling bad about his Overwatch decisions? It’s Bastion. We know it’s Bastion. And you don’t have to feel bad.

Which main do you think is most embarrassing? Have you run into Elon Musk in ranked? Let us know in the comments.


Update 1/24/17 6:23pm: Well, we finally have an answer. Elon’s main is Gundad.


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Michael Crider

Genji, Hanzo, and Widow mains are also pretty regularly shamed in the Overwatch fan community, if only because those players seem to play ONLY those characters (whatever the map or situation) and often vastly overestimate their own skills.

Anyway, having a “main” in Ovewrwatch isn’t really useful, unless you’re that rare full-time healer. Everyone else needs to have one go-to offense, defense, tank, and healer character at the very least.