Who Doesn't Want To Visit The Jedi Doctor In The Matrix?

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Sure, a doctor advertising his services with Star Wars references may seem cool, but St. Louis doctor Alexander Kalk now describes the ad (and his follow-up Matrix one) as "abnormal" and one of the first signs of his mental illness.

The Riverfront Times reports on Kalk, a St. Louis doctor who dumped the medical files of more than 400 of his patients into a dumpster before mysteriously disappearing from his practice, opening up a new one only a few miles away months later, and was eventually arrested for forging checks belonging to a former business partner. Along the way, the advertisements for his practice got a little... weird. In addition to calling himself "The Chosen One" in the above Star Wars ad, he also co-opted The Matrix:


Looking back at the ads now, Kalk - currently undergoing treatment for what the Riverfront Times calls "an undisclosed mental ailment" - feels that the ads are where it all started going wrong:

You could probably say [my illness started] about the time I started running the ads in the RFT... That was clearly abnormal.

What's more surprising is that more people weren't concerned when their doctor ran ads saying that, if they stayed with him forever, he would offer them the truth.

The Bizarre Ads of Dr. Alexander Kalk [Riverfront Times]

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