Who is V's Richard Hatch?

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Feel like ABC's V reboot will wash away all your cherished memories of the original alien invasion series? Don't worry; there's every possibility your favorite faces may show up in this new version, too.

Scott Peters, the executive producer of the new series, told SciFi Wire that he is very open to bringing in actors who appeared in the original 1980s version of the show, and revealed that at least one name has already been in contact:

Jane Badler has approached our producers and has been in touch here and there... And I haven't had a chance to actually sit down or talk to anybody face to face, but I would love to... We start shooting Monday [Aug. 10], and so once we sort of get that first one under our belts, I think we'll be able to take a bit of a sigh of relief and really sort of look a little bit more broad stroke, a little bit more big picture. ... I don't want somebody to just walk by in the background and then feature them for a second. ... I want to find a really interesting role for somebody.


Aren't cameos enough for these people anymore? All we know is that, if Badler enters the show as a freedom fighter turned politician called Blarek, then I think Ron Moore should consider a phone call to his lawyer.

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