Who Is Your Internet Doppelgänger?

For those of us narcissistic enough to regularly self-Google, there's always that ever slightly more famous person who's coming out on top. Do you have an internet doppelgänger/moral enemy? Or is your name so unique you can gloat about your Google search ranking?

In light of this hilarious New York Observer piece about @sambiddle, a nail art mogul who is also regularly the target of invectives directed at @samfbiddle aka Valleywag's Sam Biddle, we want to hear about yours. My internet doppelgänger is a reality TV show producer in China, whose Linkedin also boasts of "directing a project starring Jet Li for the World Health Organization where Jet needed to speak in an archaic form of Mandarin." It really could be a lot worse, given how common my name is.


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