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Who Wants A Watch Containing Volcanic Ash From Last Week's Icelandic Eruption?

Illustration for article titled Who Wants A Watch Containing Volcanic Ash From Last Weeks Icelandic Eruption?

From the same chap who brought us the watch with actual moon dust and parts from Apollo 11, comes the timely (sorry) Icelandic Eyjafjallajökull watch. With—you guessed it—volcanic ash. Pretty fast, considering it only erupted last week.


Romain Jerome's design looks burnt to the crisp, but if that's the style your wrist has been craving then be quick—there's just one available. The price isn't listed as it's one of those cases where if you have to ask you really can't afford it—but considering there's still thousands of stranded people all across the world trying to fly home via Europe, you could probably trade them a loan of your speedboat for their far-classier Rolex. [Time Zone via Born Rich]

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For me, watches fall into the same category as faxes. Lots of people still use it, but it's pointless, given the technology we have today.

If this article had been written in 1992, maybe I'd totally want one.