Who Wouldn't Watch a Show Called The Astronaut Instruction Manual?

Image: Inkshares
Image: Inkshares

The Astronaut Instruction Manual is, as its title promises, a book that tells kids how to become an astronaut. It’s educational, inspirational, and now, it may get a fictional adaptation on television.


Producer Matt Tolmach (Spider-Man) and Legendary Television have acquired the book, written by Mike Mongo, with an eye on making it into a series. The project is in “early development,” according to The Hollywood Reporter, but the idea is certainly an intriguing one.

A series that potentially shows kids focusing their lives and aspiring to become an astronaut,sounds great. And if that series can also encourage kids to look beyond the sky and imagine what’s out in the universe, that’s a plus too. Here’s more on the book.

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I believe I read this book thirty years ago or more: