Whoa. A 3D Printer That Actually Looks Like it Belongs in Your Home

Cubify's colorful 3D printers look like coffee makers, and that's exactly the point—they're a natural fit for your home. And they might be just the ticket to making this 3D printing thing stick with normal people.

The Cube is kind of the opposite of Makerbot's at-home 3D printer, the Replicator, which is a big bulky 32-pound industrial beast. The Cube, on the other hand, is a 19-pound, adorable sewing machine-sized apparatus, and it's totally something that fits right in with your other appliances. To top it off, it's $1400, compared to the Replicator's $1750 starting point. For $50 more you get Cubify's design software to make the printable creations of your dreams. (Real talk: They should include the software for free.)


As a company, Cubify might actually have the right understanding—its CTO, Chuck Hull, was actually the first person to print a 3D object all the way back in 1983. The company has been selling 3D printers since 1986, and hell, you probably wouldn't look twice if you the Cube it in a friend's apartment. Which is, like, the future, right? [Cubify via FastCo]

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