Why Are These Losers Faking Earthquake Videos

Earthquake! Captured on video! Unless you've actually ever been in an earthquake, in which case you know these are fakes. Why are these idiots doing that? A gallery of dumb fakers.

Why do people want to fake earthquake videos? We have no idea. Just to grab a few hundred (or thousand) YouTube views? Is there actually some notion that these are fooling people? Because, anyone who has ever been in an earthquake, be it strong, medium or mild, can pretty much tell immediately that these are all fakes. Oh, hey! You can shake your camera! Congrats, guys. That's awesome.


These clowns were fast. They had TwitVid up almost immediately after the quake.

We'll at least give these guys points for coordination.

Oh, come on now. You got knocked over by a 5.8 earthquake?

Look, this is just silly.

Dude. Dude. Dude. Just. Come on. That's not how it happens.

Okay, props, this is actually kind of funny.

Check out the production in this one! Now that's more like it. Good job, hat man.


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