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Why Can't All Map Apps Be This Clever?

Augmented Reality has mostly found its niche as a way to bring virtual characters to life through a mobile device. But a Japanese developer has found a more clever use. Crossfader's AR-MAPS app syncs Apple or Google Maps to a live video feed from your iPhone's camera, so you can visualize how you're oriented, and easily locate destinations.


Using the device's GPS, compass, and gyroscope, the app automatically switches between a split-screen map/video view of your surroundings, or just a flat map depending on if you're holding your device vertically or horizontally. And not only does it let you search for a specific address or landmark, it uses augmented reality to overlay markers on the video feed so all you need to do is spin around until it highlights your destination. And best of all, it's currently available free of charge on the iTunes App Store, providing yet another alternative to Apple's Maps offering.

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[iTunes App Store via DigInfo TV]

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I really, really don't like this augmented reality thing. Do you really want to walk around like an asshole with your phone held out in front of you staring at it and what's onscreen as opposed to what is actually in front of you? You could distracted reading something and then miss a step off the curb for instance. Anyway, personally, I'm not a fan of this but to each their own.