Why Facebook Is Turning Purple Tomorrow

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If you see a lot of purple on Facebook tomorrow, don't worry, it's not because Facebook got hacked by Barneynonymous. Instead, Facebook and sites like Yahoo and Tumblr are turning purple tomorrow to take a stand against bullying.


As part of Spirit Day, Facebook announced that it will support LGBT youth and stand against bullying by turning select national pages purple, including including Facebook's StopBullyingSpeakUp, Diversity and Safety pages. Basically, those pages and other Facebook users will turn their profile picture purple by adding a purple twibbon to their pictures. The purple hue of the pictures will be unmistakable. You can even do it yourself right here.

If you want to spread the word on Spirit Day, check out all the details at Glaad's website. Twibbons are the new livestrong bands. [Glaad, Facebook via All Facebook]



In much the same way all those women posting things like "I like it on the stairs by the front door" did nothing for breast cancer "awareness," this will do jack shit to stop bullying.

But at least it will make Facebook feel good about themselves, and isn't that all that matters?