Why FunStation 3 Will Rule this Holiday Season

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While some of you may be tempted by the new $399 PlayStation 3 for your kids this Christmas, we urge you to keep a...competitor...in mind. The FunStation 3 may look like a cheap PS3 knockoff, and sure, it totally is a cheap PS3 knockoff. But hear out our logic for a second...


1. Screw Blu-ray vs. HD DVD, it hurts the consumer. Cartridge technology is time-tested and probably even more expensive to produce—which the manufacturers will love.

2. You see that number on the FunStation cartridge? That's 1,000,000 buddy. And we can only assume that number accurately correlates with the number of games that come bundled with the system. And a million is like a bajillion times what the PS3 has out.


3. There's got to be a good, shady eBay listing that can come from this product, why not cash in early? Then take all that money and you can buy a real PS3 around FORTY $13.50 FunStation 3s...which you have to admit, would be awesome*.

(*Sony, we're totally joking. Please don't take Ratchet & Clank away. It would hurt us. Physically.) [product via ubergizmo]

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