Thinksecret is reporting that a piece of software called 'iTunes Mobile' will be released in June—presumably the same software that will power the Motorola iTunes Phone that has been refused by almost every American wireless carrier. It can be assumed, I think, that iTunes Mobile will be a free download, much like the iTunes jukebox software is already freely available for both Windows and Mac. Apple offers the high-quality music player for free under the assumption that at least some of the users will download songs from the iTunes Music Store, so it stands to reason that the mobile version will be distributed with the same assumption—even if users won't be able to download music over the air via their carrier.

Unfortunately for Motorola, this Java application will mean that the iTunes phone itself—a piece of hardware that, at best, mimics the click-wheel interface of the other iPods—will have little offer to users than an optimized interface for the software. Since music will have to be copied over to the phones via USB or Bluetooth, the iTunes Phone, which was once viewed as an easy win for Motorola, will now become an interesting aside in the iPod/iTunes timeline.

That said, I'd still like to see what it looks like. Motorola, maybe you should show the world what the carriers are keeping them from purchasing.


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