Why the Military Should Share Its Information

Often, secrecy is considered to be a form of power: if you and only you know stuff, you're at an advantage. But, as General Stanley McChrystal explains in this video, that isn't always the case.

McChrystal started fighting al Qaeda in 2003, and he considered his secret information to be the lifeblood of his operations. But, over time, things changed—and he realised that keeping important information classified was actually misguided and counterproductive. Watch the video to find out why. [TED]

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Big McLargeHuge

Eh, this is more a video to promote the sharing of information between branches, and agencies.

I doubt he's advocating making public the operational nuts and bolts of Special Mission Units like DEVGRU or the SFOD-D ('Delta Force')

'declassifying' materials doesn't appear to be the goal here. Rather abolishing one branch or group saying "We got this intel, we're going to act on it...NOT them so we can look better and show that our budget is warranted"