Why the X-Men prequel's like the Star Trek reboot, secrets of Fringe's alternate universes, and Stargate revelations!

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Matthew Vaughn explains his new X-Men movie is inspired by J.J. Abrams in more ways than one. Fringe is headed in even more mindbending directions with its two universes, and secrets will be revealed soon enough on Stargate Universe. Spoilananza!


X-Men - First Class:

Director Matthew Vaughn compared his film to J.J. Abrams' Star Trek reboot:

"He made a fantastically exciting reinvention of that world, with those great characters. And I think there will be comparisons a little bit with X-Men: First Class. It's very similar, in a way. But we're doing some cool stuff in this movie, some really cool stuff that you haven't seen before."

He also implied that Bryan Singer's story plays around with the timeline a little bit:

"The story that Bryan Singer came up with is very, very smart. It's very clever when you see how he has integrated the characters into the time period where the film is set. I'll put it that way. I just don't want to give it away. ... It's a very clever way of getting these characters involved in recent history, in recent world events."


Tron Legacy:

Here's a new poster: [SpoilerTV]


It looked as though Scarlett Johannson would play Robert Downey, Jr.'s lone costar in Alfonso Cuaron's movie about two astronauts desperately trying to get back to Earth. And that's probably still the case, in all honesty - but a rather sensationalized article claims that Blake Lively has been "scheming" to "steal" the part for herself. But then the piece also says Cuaron is dead set on going with Johannson anyway. Goodness, this is confusing. I need something familiar to get my bearings... [NYDailyNews]


Transformers 3:

...ah, that's better. Here's another Chicago set video: [SpoilerTV]

The administrator of Michael Bay's official forum has confirmed that Jolt won't be back in this movie. [TFW2005]



We ran into Dexter's David Zayas at Comic Con, and here's what he told us about the low budget alien invasion movie. He plays the Concierge of the L.A. apartment building, and he's one of the few survivors of the mass alien abductions, trying to make it through the evening in one piece. These people think they're the last ones left alive, but he hints that may not be the case. And he says it'll be really exciting and thrilling.

Spider-Man Reboot:

Marc Webb's reboot will reportedly begin shooting this December in Los Angeles. [ComingSoon]


Men In Black III:

The same article also mentions that the third Men in Black movie starts filming in New York in September. [ComingSoon]


The Green Hornet:

This is a little random, but we ran into an actor at Comic Con whose name we didn't catch. He told us he gets killed in The Green Hornet, and then gave us some details — he gets caught up in a "big car explosion," with fire and stuff. And there's a killer chase scene with a lot of action. This guy says he's killed a lot of people and been killed many times (which we certainly hope refers to either his character in this movie or the types of characters he generally plays.) We tried to identify him, but a search of IMDb turned up nothing:

Just one more mini-setback for this movie: original composer Danny Elfman has reportedly left the project due to scheduling difficulties. James Newton Howard, who worked with Hans Zimmer on the Christopher Nolan Batman movies and is also scoring The Green Lantern, is in talks to take over. [The Playlist]


Mass Effect:

It's nothing more than a random IMDb credit - and one only available on IMDbPro at that - but Matthew Fox is supposedly involved with the video game adaptation. Take with liberal heapings of salt, but I guess you never know. [IMDb - thanks to Beau for the tip!]



The new season will essentially split the show in half. Each week will switch between our universe and its alternate counterpart. John Noble explains that the alternate universe is the "villain" to our universe's "hero", but they first want viewers to really understand who the people are in the alternate universe and why they act the way they do. He also explained what this move means for the two Walters:

"Walternate appears cold and hard, and that's the way he's going to appear for a while. But we have to humanize him, otherwise he's a two-dimensional character. We were talking about specifics of how to do it today, and that makes me happy."


He also promised the premiere episode will be "massive" as we see Olivia escape from captivity in the alternate universe, and praised Anna Torv's performance. [TV Guide]

According to a report elsewhere, Noble also believes Walter will be one of the first people to sense that Olivia might not be their Olivia anymore. [@MattMitovich]


Jasika Nicole confirmed the season will switch universes, but only for the first half. After that, the show will "converge into one big story and everybody's world is going to be turned upside down." She also confirmed that alternate Astrid "is autistic, she has Asperger's", and that she's a lot like Walter in our universe. [The Ausiello Files]

Here are some set photos of Anna Torv and Kirk Acevedo: [SpoilerTV]

OK, anyone who saw this bit of casting news coming has a truly bizarre paranormal ability all their own - apparently, Howard Stern sidekick and Wack Pack member Eric Lynch (better known as Eric the Midget) will appear in episode 2 of the new season. [@TVGuideMagazine]



Yvonne Strahovski herself is pretty certain Sarah won't bother with cover stories anymore, now that everyone knows she's a spy. As such, we've probably seen the last of the Orange Orange uniform. [Fancast]


Stargate Universe:

Robert Carlyle revealed that we learn right at the start of the second season that Rush has found the bridge of the Destiny and has been piloting the ship. But the rest of the crew won't find out until he and Young go investigate a nearby alien craft in the seventh episode. Until then, Rush's duplicity and secrecy reaches epic levels:

Rush is still at it in the second season, but even more so this time. When we join the second season, we discover instantly - in the first two or three scenes in fact - that Rush has discovered the bridge of the ship. Not only has he discovered the bridge, but he knows how to fly the thing. He's steering it around. [The others] don't know that. He hasn't told anyone this. He's under pressure, because the countdown clock when they stop the ship is not activating. The ship is stopping, the clock is not activating, and there are no planets in sight. Rush keeps leaving the room at these points.


There's an eleven page scene, according to Carlyle, in which Young and Rush discuss the big secret he's been keeping, and then another six page scene after that where Rush confesses everything. He says these are very unusual for television in their length, and he calls them tremendous. He then, with tongue slightly in cheek, called the result of their conversation "a game changer", in which Young decides to team up with Rush because the truth is so "mind-boggling." It leads Young and Rush to realize they need to embrace being on the ship...but, as Carlyle points out, there's still the question of whether Rush is actually telling the truth. [GateWorld]


The Eureka half of the big crossover will feature more of the wormhole that created this season's altered timeline. This time around, random historical flotsam and jetsam starts showing up in Eureka. [TV Guide]


Warehouse 13:

Here's some promo pics from the next episode, "Around the Bend." We already know it will be awesome because, hello! Marc Sheppard with a gun! [SpoilerTV]



The producers explained that Lois knows who "The Blur" is, and so this flips the dynamic that Clark has always had with people - for the first time, somebody's keeping a secret from him. They also confirmed that Allison Mack will be back in a big way towards the end of the season (she's doing a play right now) and that Chloe has a really strong storyline still ahead. [Fancast]


No Ordinary Family:

Jonna Walsh has reportedly joined the show's cast as the best friend of Daphne (the daughter). She might be the Megan character who gets introduced in episode three. [KSiteTV]


Here's a promo: [SpoilerTV]

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The Green Hornet interview guy looks a lot like Michael Papajohn, who played the carjacker/wrestling cash thief in Spider-Man.