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Why Time Travel Will Never Work

Illustration for article titled Why Time Travel Will Never Work

Sorry, time travel hopefuls. Even if you get it right someday, it's going to go wrong. Although this would've made a great alternate ending for Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. [Buzzfeed]


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Not precisely. Time is relative, just like space. There is no universal reference point for space - in a month, the Earth will have moved relative to the sun. But the sun moves relative to the galactic centre. And the galactic centre moves relative to the local supercluster. Why should the time machine jump you forward in time, but keep you in the same position relative to the sun? Or the galactic centre? Why doesn't it instead jump you forward in time and keep you in the same position relative to the Earth, avoiding this issue entirely?

Similarly to space, time is also relative. Time flows at a certain rate relative to me. It flows at a _different_ rate relative to somebody else. Just like there is no universal spatial reference point, there is also no universal clock.

If you invent a device which can jump you through time relative to your current temporal "position", presumably it would also have the ability to jump you through space relative to your current spatial position.