Why We Haven't Seen Much of Android 2.0

The last Android releases were pretty out there for months before actually getting "released." Here we are, weeks from the Droid running Android 2.0, and besides BGR's preview, nothing. Well, it looks like Google's playing it close to the chest.


Privileged developers, apparently, are getting early access to the 2.0 SDK, and test hardware, under a non-disclosure agreeements. Google did this before, with Android 1.0.

Since we're talking about 2.0, a huge release, it's possible this is a glimpse of what the development cycle for Android will look like: Big, full version releases developed like a traditional OS, in-house and privately, with update branches like 1.5 more out in the open in between, with public code drops and the like. Maybe—it's hard to tell with just two releases, you know, it is what it is. [Phandroid]

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