Why You Might Want to Preorder Your iPhone 5 Early

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All signs point to the fact that Sharp is one of the manufacturers of the next iPhone display. In fact, the phone might even use Sharp's new IGZO technology. But if Wall Street Journal's reports that Sharp has halted production of the displays due to problems are true, you might wanna be among the first to preorder the iPhone 5 (or next iPhone, or iPhone 6, or whatever), as supply could be short when it first releases.

It shouldn't hold up the release of the phone however, as WSJ points out there are two other manufacturers.

Sharp is one of the three suppliers of LCD panels for the next iPhone. The other two suppliers-Japan Display Inc. and South Korea's LG Display Co. -have already started shipping the screens to Apple, according to other people familiar with the situation.


Sharp did the same thing with the iPad earlier this year and it mostly worked out OK, but the iPhone tends to be a hotter item, so the likelihood of a shortage is greater. The other option is just to wait a few months to make sure all the manufacturing kinks are worked out of these devices altogether. [WSJ]