Why You Should Think Twice Before Dating An iPhone User

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I'm an iPhone user and not ashamed of that fact. What I am ashamed about is that a study done about iPhone users' characteristics pretty much deems us a rotten, undatable bunch. And some of the results struck a chord.

A company called Retrevo did what they call a "Gadgetology study" to gather up information about the typical iPhone user. While it's not exactly a flattering snapshot and the methodology behind the surveying process is a mystery, I'll be damned if some of the details don't hit home:

• One in three iPhone owners has texted or emailed their significant other to break up.


Yes, I'm a horrible person and have done this. I was even oh-so-sensitive and wrote "Let's make like a city in Croatia and Split." Suffice to say, it didn't go over too well.

• One in four iPhone users has broken up with their partner because that person spent too much time on their mobile device.

While I can't say that I've done this yet, it's actually a persistent fear that it'll happen to me because I'm the one who spends too much time with my phone.

• One in three iPhone owners say that, if their partner had out-of-date gadgets, it would be a turnoff.


At first I shook my head about this statistic, but then I recalled pleading with an ex that he accept a shiny, new phone as a gift because his was "so old that no one even makes apps for it." Geez, this survey is making me feel horrid. So horrid that I think I'll refrain from commenting about this last statistic, except to suggest that some of the "adult material" might come in the form of MMS messages or email attachments, but I, ahem, I wouldn't know:

• One in five iPhone owners admits to frequently watching "adult material" on their iPhones. (Twice as many as BlackBerry owners).


The rest of the results are over on the Retrevo site, take a look and then let's talk about what horrible, undatable people we are (or how you're a far better person than I). [Retrevo via TUAW]

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I'm currently selling my iPhone because it was making me stupid. (Also I can get over $1k for it in Brazil)

I was becoming dependent on it. Everywhere I went I had to check the ratings first. I was playing stupid ass games that I would never play on a PC or console, but all of the sudden they were great on the iPhone. The last straw came when I took a trip to Chicago. I was able to get by in Athens without a problem but in Chicago where I spoke the language and had a tool that put the entire internet at my fingertips I could barely get around because I kept depending on the iPhone instead of using my brain. I'm not knocking it, it's a great tool. I just didn't like what it was doing to me. #iphoneuserstudy