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Anyone who's been waiting in line all day in Times Square and looking forward to the launch party is out of luck. Due to some pretty shoddy planning, the stage for the bands and entertainment was set up around the corner from the front of the line, making it completely out of sight for everyone in it. While everyone in line was handed stickers that looked like passes that had an 8pm time on them, they were unable to see any of the party that started at 8. Their schedule looked more like this: wait in line 'til midnight, buy Wiis, go home. The store closes at 10pm for the employees to get all the Wiis out, then they'll open at 12 for sales. That's all the entertainment the line has to look forward to. Ah well, at least they'll all get Wiis when all is said and done, so that's one up on Sony.


Everything Wii [Gizmodo]

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