Wiimote and iPhone Combine Powers to Become...the Invisible Instrument!

I love this little Kickstarter project which has received some serious heat in the time it's been running. The creator wants to build an app he can release on the App Store (hopefully for free), which will pair a Wiimote with iPhone or iPod Touch for some serious music-making.


As the video shows, the app can do keyboard and guitar, but creator Tim Soo has actually created drums, violin, bass, cello and even a theremin effect. All controllable by the iPhone and Wiimote, thanks to Bluetooth and an additional piece of computer software that recognizes the gestures. Soo says:

"You can use the built-in sounds or output MIDI to your preferred digital audio workstation (GarageBand, Logic, ProTools, Ableton Live)"

While it's not exactly an invisible instrument, it's pretty darn close—and for that, we wish Soo all the best with his project. May it launch on the App Store soon. [Kickstarter]



He can play 5+ musical instruments, sing AND code an iPhone app? I am insignificant.