Wikileaks Is Getting Pummeled By Unknown Attackers

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Wikileaks, the Internet's top platform for exposing secrets of all varieties, is reporting that it's been under serious attack for the better part of a week. This extended DDoS is still coming in strong, and has brought the site to its knees.


The DDoS traffic, which has reportedly been coming in at a rate of 10 gigabits per second, has effectively crippled the site, and raised all sorts of questions as to who might be behind it. While Wikileaks has no shortage of enemies, it recently published a number of classified U.S. documents detailing what may be a huge, secret surveillance project.

Conveninetly enough, the DDoS attack has rendered the documents in question largely unavailable, a fact you can attribute to either coincidence or conspiracy depending on the way your mind works. Wikileaks is no stranger to being attacked, but reports that in this case, they're facing a bit more firepower than they have before. The site is down at the moment, but has proven to be quite resilient in the past. It'd take a whole hell of a lot to take Wikileaks down for good, but that might just be what someone is trying to do. [PhysOrg]


Scott Xavier

What is the benefit in leaking classified documents? This is an attack on Americas security. Why? Because you leave our intelligence gathering and subsequent safety procedures on a wiki site?!... This site needs to be taken down and the men responsible sent to Guantanamo.