WikiLeaks Published a Searchable Directory of Hacking Team's Emails

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Want dirt on one of the dirtiest tech companies ever? WikiLeaks published a searchable database of over a million leaked emails from Hacking Team, the nefarious Italian spyware company that was massively hacked this week.


There’s all sorts of messed up information in this emails, even aside from confirmation that Hacking Team actively worked as a digital mercenary for government agencies in Sudan and Ethiopia, as well as notoriously violent police unit in Bangladesh.

The emails reveal that the FBI dropped big money on Hacking Team’s powerful snooping software, paying over $800,000 on updates and maintenance even though Hacking Team’s software was considered a backup to the FBI’s other digital tools. And an exchange between CEO David Vincenzetti and other employees suggests that Italian members of Anonymous physically broke into the company’s Milan headquarters in an act of sabotage.

We’ll be looking through the emails, but if you find anything, as always, tell me in the comments or email me at


Didn’t take long to find somebody had emailed an entire Gizmodo article. Inception!