Will Anybody Pay $3,700 for Tag Heuer's New Phone?

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Some people have more money than sense, and even then a damn site more of both than taste. For such individuals, Tag Heuer's new phone—the Racer—is just the handset to slip into their back pockets. They deserve it! No, really, they do.

Apparently inspired by Formula 1 and GT racing, the luxury offering is dripping with carbon fiber, titanium and, umm, a shockproof rubber chassis. I'm not quite sure how the last part slipped in, but maybe it will help if you drop it and have reactions slowed by the huge quantities of gold jewelry you happen to be wearing.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, there are next to no details about specs, though Tag Heuer claim it runs the "latest Android software" and has a "customizable 3D user interface". It will be "available at better luxury mobile boutiques and jewelry retailers" in July, and will retail at around $3,700. You're welcome. [Tag Heuer]

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Yes, luxury tech item giving few details on specs and no indications of what this amazing "customizable 3d user interface" looks like... I can see no potential problems with that.

Also, while I like GT and Formula 1 racing both, I hate products "inspired" by them; like this hideous thing, they tend to look like they're designed for ten-year-olds. Ugh. I wouldn't buy that for a dollar.