I've asked for trial versions of iPhone and iPad apps since the beginning. Not lite versions, but complete apps that users can test for 24 hours before buying—or not. According to the latest iTunes beta, it may happen.


App Advice has discovered mentions to "app rentals" in the latest iTunes beta. According to these text strings, the apps would be removed at the end of the "rental period." There are no mentions for trials, rental periods or prices.

It doesn't make sense to rent a 99 cent app. Or one with a two bucks price tag, for that matter. The rentals only make sense for expensive apps, like A-list games and productivity apps. Paying 99 cents to try a big game before buying it makes sense.

On the other hand, perhaps there are free rentals for a day too—for apps that cost 99 cents to four bucks. That will eliminate the need for Lite versions and make life easier for consumers (and developers). Rent the app for free or a price, reach the deadline and have the option to keep it permanently for the difference in price or ditch it. That's how I would like it to work. [App Advice via Cult of Mac]


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