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Technology is filled with all kinds of rumors, real and fabricated. It gives us a look at what might be and will be. BitStream gathers the whispers all in one place to divine what the future has in store.


Verizon announced its plan to scoop up AOL for $4.4 billion yesterday, and now the industry’s abuzz with rumors of future acquisitions. The speculation—some old, some new—includes whispered purchases like Yahoo buying Foursquare, Google buying Twitter, and Amazon buying Yelp.


Ad exec Rich Guest told Adweek yesterday that the speculation isn’t unfounded:

“I think that there were first rumors of an AOL-Verizon tie-up during CES 2015, which gives credence to the school of thinking that believes ‘where there is smoke, there is likely fire. Twitter is an amazing platform, which could add value to the product portfolios of many media or technology companies. Given all of the rumors of a Twitter-Google tie-up, I wouldn’t be surprised if that happened sometime in 2015.”

What will the next big buy be? [Adweek]

Illustration for article titled Will Google Buy Twitter? Amazon Buy Yelp? Rumors Swirl After AOL Deal

Nine bucks can actually go a long way—that’s like, two drinks at happy hour—but now you may also be able to buy a computer without having to lay down a Hamilton. Chip, the $9 Raspberry Pi-based computer (motherboard that connects to peripherals and the web) has demolished its $50K Kickstarter goal. It’s hit $1 million. There are 24 days of funding to go. [USA Today]

Golden opportunity: The next iPhone could rock a “luxury rose gold finish,” an additional mic for better call quality, and sapphire screens that stand up to scratches. [TechCrunch]


License to drone: After a drone containing scant radioactive materials landed on the office roof of Japan’s prime minister, that country plans to require a license to fly the unmanned aerial vehicles. [Jiji Press]

LG’s new Nexus: LG might be making a new Nexus phone, no word on specs or pricing yet.
[Android Community]


Brew tooth: Who needs a beer bottle opener on your keychain when you can implant one in your maw? [LikeCool]

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