Will the Rumored Microsoft Tablet Feature Xbox Streaming?

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Microsoft has something big planned for tomorrow, but it won't say what. All signs point to a Microsoft-branded Windows 8 tablet. Now, TechCrunch claims it will be co-branded as a Nook device will feature some of the Xbox's streaming features.


What this entails exactly is uncertain, but presumably, the rumored tablet would be able to stream video content from the likes of ESPN and HBO. The Nook branding would makes sense, considering Barnes and Noble's plan to spin-off the unit and Microsoft's decision to sink $300 million into the product line. But the use of the Xbox name seems a bit tenuous here, considering nearly all of the streaming services the living room console features are available on other platforms (Xbox Music notwithstanding). But whatever, if true, it's nice to know the device wouldn't be hurting for entertainment options. [TechCrunch]



I like where this is all going. The thing Apple does best is to unify all their products and make them work together. Microsoft should be able to do the same thing with Wndows, Xbox, Wndows Phone and more. Innovation and competition is always a good thing for consumers.