Microsoft Is Maybe, Possibly Launching Its Own Tablet Device Next Week

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Here's what we know: This Monday, at an as yet unconfirmed location somewhere in Hollywood, Microsoft with be making an important announcement. Now, Mashable is posting about what is being called a credibly rumor of a Microsoft-made tablet, running Windows RT (a version of Windows 8), intended to rival Apple's iPad.


This is a big deal, maybe!

Hollywood blog The Wrap cites "an individual with knowledge of the company", who claims the software giant would be "making a foray into a new hardware category that would put the company in direct competition with rival Apple" - tablets.

Previous attempts at a Microsoft-branded tablet have been unsuccessful and short-lived. The most recent was killed before it even got out the gate, right around the initial launch of the earliest iPad.

If the rumors are true, this Microsoft tablet will be entering a climate of already-stiff competition. We'll have to hold our thoughts for now, as hard facts and specs will be the ultimate test of its viability. But, ehh...? Stay tuned for more. [Mashable]


This move makes little sense to me. Microsoft is basically saying they will directly compete with their own OEMs. It just gives them another reason to not adopt Win8RT.

Microsoft is already hurting themselves with the $85 license they are going to charge. They are also opening themselves to more anti trust litigation with by forcing mobile devices to have a CDL license for remote access to a Win8 VDI implementation. Of course you don't have to buy that license if your mobile device is running Win8RT.

It seems to me that the Developers at Microsoft truly get it when it comes to the Post PC world and the abstraction of the Operating System layer, but the business side of things (looking at Mr Balmer) remains utterly clueless.