Will Transformers 2 Have The Biggest Opening Ever?

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As Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen continues to steamroller everything else in its wake at the box office, it's time to face the possibility that it just might break The Dark Knight's 5-day opening record by the end of today.

In its first three days in the US, Michael Bay's sequel has made $125.9 million, leading some industry watchers to predict a 5-day total of over $190 million - up $30 million from what it was initially expected to take. If the movie's momentum - which has bypassed the cool reception it received from critics - keeps up, it's possible that it may make much more than $190 million... and break last year's Dark Knight record of $203.8 million. Box office estimates for Saturday aren't in yet, but even at $190 million, it'll be the second most-successful 5 day opening in US box office history (Even if it magically made no money on Saturday or Sunday, it'd still be in the top 15).

(Memo to Chris Nolan: Make Batman Vs. The Transformers as your Dark Knight sequel. The world will be yours.)


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