Will Vizio's Hot New Computers Be Available Next Month at Walmart?

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An anonymous tipster sent us apparent photos of Walmart's inventory supply system, complete with listings for two upcoming Vizio computers. (Presumably this tipster is a Walmart employee.) It looks like the gorgeous machines we first saw at CES could hit the big box giant's stores in mid-June.

There are references to a "27 All-In-One PC" for $1100 and a "14 T L Notebook" for $900, which line up with Vizio's plans for a 27-inch all-in-one and a 14-inch notebook. The also inventory shows that the products are on order. However, there's no information about when we might see 24-inch all-in-one or the 10-inch and 15.6-inch notebooks, we've also heard about.


If true, this is fantastic news. We were very excited when we learned about Vizio plans to move into computers, but we also feared that as with many great plans, the products might never show up in the real world.

We reached out to Vizio reps for comment, but have yet to hear back. If any of you out there have additional information, let us know.