Will Windows 8 Run Windows Phone 7 Apps?

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NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang seems to think that Windows 8 will run Windows Phone 7 apps in some capacity. While there are parts of Windows 8 that appear very similar to windows 7, could this really be the case?


From Cnet's interview with Huang:

ARM processors hold a strong advantage because a majority of mobile applications are written using that standard, and not the one Intel uses. Likewise, he said he believes that apps written for Windows Phone 7 will run on Windows 8, which is an operating system designed for both PCs and tablets.

Maybe. Though Huang could definitely be talking nonsense (CEO's have been known to do that from time to time), it's definitely not outside the realm of possibility either. As WinRumors points out, WP7 apps are built on top of Silverlight, which is a multi-platform technology. And as Cnet mentions, Windows 8 is being built as an OS for tablets and desktops. More than likely, such Windows Phone 7 Apps would only run on an ARM-based tablet device, for whose processor WP7 apps are optimized for. [Cnet via WinRumors]



Speaking of which, any more news on Nvidia's Project Denver? its a high performance ARM core(s) surrounded by CUDA cores, almost like the Cell.


I wonder if it will actually compete for mainstream computers, or just in low power devices?