WiMAX pt. Deux: 1Gbit Speed, 4G Compliance

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Recently, the IEEE has been hard at work ironing out the details on their latest Wi-Fi project dubbed '802.16m.'

The new standard will feature wireless speeds of up to 1Gbit, multiple-input/multiple-output technology (MIMO), and backwards compatibility with existing WiMAX infrastructures.

The IEEE says it wants to develop a "competitive" and "significantly improved" radio access technology that is "compliant with the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) R/IMT advanced requirements for 4G" while maintaining interoperability with mobile WiMax.


The IEEE is campaigning hard for this to become the underlying technology of 4G networks. It's slated for a 2009 unveiling, but don't hold your breath—judging by previous instances, this will probably show up sometime around the year two-thousand-never. Show us a US blanket of 3G before you start dangling the next step around, mmmkay?

DailyWireless [via engadget]

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First, I'll be honest: I very rarely use anything wireless (no laptop, no cell phone), so I probably don't know exactly what I'm talking about, but I do care — one day, when I have the need, I will be getting such things. With that said:

How long have we been on "draft n" wireless hardware because the final details of 802.11n can't be agreed upon? How's about we finish making 802.11n standard before we start moving toward 802.11m, eh?

I realize that it's good policy to work on future projects even while developing close-term technology, but how can we take 802.11m seriously when it's been at least a year that 802.11n has been semi-available in a draft-form that may or may not be firmware upgradeable to the final "n" specification (based on the news about Apple's new Airport)?