WiMAX pt. Deux: 1Gbit Speed, 4G Compliance

Recently, the IEEE has been hard at work ironing out the details on their latest Wi-Fi project dubbed '802.16m.'

The new standard will feature wireless speeds of up to 1Gbit, multiple-input/multiple-output technology (MIMO), and backwards compatibility with existing WiMAX infrastructures.

The IEEE says it wants to develop a "competitive" and "significantly improved" radio access technology that is "compliant with the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) R/IMT advanced requirements for 4G" while maintaining interoperability with mobile WiMax.


The IEEE is campaigning hard for this to become the underlying technology of 4G networks. It's slated for a 2009 unveiling, but don't hold your breath—judging by previous instances, this will probably show up sometime around the year two-thousand-never. Show us a US blanket of 3G before you start dangling the next step around, mmmkay?

DailyWireless [via engadget]

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