Win 7 Tip: The Calculator Now Calculates Your Mortgage Payments and More

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The first time I opened up Window's 7 calculator, I was delightfully surprised, and that's just not because I happen to be inept at math. It calculates mortgage payments!


The new calculator, in a noticeable change, now has a history of previous inputs. That's more than handy for long equations where your mind gets so confused you forget what step you are on. Also new to Windows 7 is the addition of Programmer and Statistics mode. Since I suck at math and avoid it whenever possible, I can't say much but, "awesome, functions I'll never use or understand." Still, it's better to have too many options than too few, I say.

The real highlight of Calculator are the new extra features included. They include Unit Conversion and Date Calculation under the Options menu, which do exactly what it sounds like they do. Under Templates in the same menu, you'll also be able to calculate your gas mileage, lease payment and your mortgage payment. Now, that's handy. At least, I'll be better prepared should I ever decide to own real estate. [Windows 7 at Gizmodo]


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Good news is that the new Calculator works on Windows Vista too, if it's been ported or migrated to Windows Vista. Windows Vista users who want to use the more advanced Calculator program from Windows 7 can download here: